DiNo childcare

DiNo stands for “Dienst im Notfall” (“Emergency Service”) and is a project of the VAMV Münster

DiNo provides supports,

  • if mother or father suddenly falls ill,
  • if parents need childcare at short notice for professional reasons.

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If you need childcare from us

Please tell us:

  • When do you need the support?
  • How many hours a day should the care cover?
  • How long do you need care?
  • Your contact details and health insurance

DiNo employs reliable and experienced caregivers who look after your children at home.
If you as a parent fall ill, the health insurance companies can apply to cover the costs for DiNo care. The prerequisite is that the attending doctor prescribes the need for household help and that a child under the age of 12 (under 14 for some health insurance companies) lives in the household.

In certain emergencies, the youth welfare office can cover the costs.

If you want to work at DiNo:

We are looking for friendly, reliable, flexible and experienced childcare workers and domestic help.

If you have pedagogical experience, are interested in varied fee-based work and are flexible in terms of time, you are welcome to apply. Please send us our completed application form by email or by post.

Landline: 0251 – 277 133